How to Get a FREE Crypto Wallet

Before you can buy, sell or trade NFTs, you will first need to:
Create an account with a crypto exchange platform (such as
Install a mobile crypto wallet (such as metamask), or purchase a hardware crypto wallet (such as nano ledger)
Step 1
Create a free account with your crypto exchange of choice. The best places to buy crypto are:
Coinbase - Coinbase is easy to use for beginners. However, I personally have not used Coinbase since 2021, (even though I still have an active account). Many concerns have risen during 2022 in regards to Coinbase. I recommend reading this very informative article by Privacy Pros on 5 Reasons you shouldn't use Coinbase.
Step 2
Determine your desired wallet type: Hardware or Mobile wallet. (Crypto wallets will allow you to buy, trade, sell and store your NFTs and cryptocurrency.)
The best online mobile wallets to use for NFT and crypto transfers include but are not limited to:
Metamask (Best for Ethereum) wallet (for Apple Users) wallet (for Android Users)
Trust wallet 
Coinbase wallet - Disclaimer: PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK! Read step 1 above, incase you missed it.
The best offline hardware wallets include but are not limited to:
Ledge Nano X (Best for offline crypto wallet)
NOTE: NEVER buy hardware wallets from third party distributors such as amazon, eBay and etcetera. Third party wallets can tampered with before your receive them. Always buy hardware wallets directly from the manufacturer's website.
For more in-depth information about hardware wallets (including the wallets listed above), read this great comparison article by Medium here. 
Sending or Transferring NFTs and Cryptocurrency
Make sure you send cryptocurrency assets to the CORRECT wallet address. If you do NOT send your crypto or NFTs to the correct address, it will be lost FOREVER!
Wallet Recovery Phrase
Your recovery phrase unlocks your wallet, along with the private keys associated with all the crypto in the wallet. The reason recovery phrase is a series of 12 to 24 simple words (like “vent,” “publish,” “look,” “charm,” “lucky,” “out,” “turn,” or “key”) instead of a numeric password is because long strings of words and numbers are difficult for humans to remember or transcribe correctly. 
Keep your 12-word recovery phrase secure! Do NOT screenshot it, email it to yourself or keep it in any digital form whatsoever. Write it down on a few seperate pieces of paper (preferably with pencil) and place them in a secure location.
I also recommend taking time to memorize your phrase. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Over $5,000 worth of assets was stolen from my first Coinbase crypto wallet (which I had to completely abandon) due to entering my recovery phrase after clicking a bad link. I got SCAMMED! 
If you don't want to get scammed like I did, read the article I wrote about protecting your online assets here. 

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